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Kneson Software's Photo Software List and the new Wall Murals Directory are growing! The Photo Software List aggregates technology products focused on digital camera software. The Wall Murals Directory is a resource for wall murals products, artists, services and information.

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YottaPrint is the first software product that allows you to print wall murals from your home printer with professional results. YottaPrint is a combination photo enlargement program and photo printing program in one. Put any image on walls or large surfaces using only your printer.

YottaPrint enlarges digital images without pixelation and lets you print and seemlessly assemble any picture with amazing visual quality. YottaPrint uses the Imagener Unlimited technology to enlarge your pictures. Imagener is Kneson Software's revolutionary photo enlargement technology for enlarging digital images.

YottaPrint slices the enlarged image into pieces with overlapping borders and prints them out to your specifications so that you can cover any surface with any digital image you want!

Enlarge pictures to a virtually unlimited size. Imagener Unlimited is the world's first raster-to-vector picture enlargement technology. Imagener Unlimited's enlargement method is a revolutionary departure in enlargement logic. Kneson Software Imagener Unlimited enlargement technology goes beyond pixel manipulation bringing invisible-to-the-eye detail level enlargement. Even the most complex images can be resized without limit as regions enlarged after conversion can be resized like a rubber band. Resulting images have outstanding clarity even at massive proportions. Click here to read more...




Track Real Time is a program that continuously accounts for your time. You simply input the various projects you are working on and add all the activities you do during the day.

Track Real Time acts as the other half of time accounting — most of us budget our time but few of us actually account for where our time is spent. Track Real Time allows you to use your current day planning software to become more effective. Click here to read more...

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