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Vol. I, Issue 10

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Photo Enlargement and Interpolation
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Imagener Unlimited Release Status
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Photo Enhancement Through Image Resizing


Photo enlargement is performed through a process called interpolation: the computation of pixel color values between the pixels that already exist. All software programs that enlarge photos use these interpolation methods:

  • Nearest neighbor interpolation
  • Bilinear interpolation
  • Bicubic interpolation
These photo enlargement methods and some new technologies that go beyond them are described below. The image to the right was the image used to show these photo enlargement method differences. The marked area was enlarged 300% in the examples below.
Nearest Neighbor Photo Enlargement Method
The value of the new pixel is made the same as that of the closest existing pixel. When enlarging an image the pixels or dots of color are duplicated to create new pixels increasing as the image grows. This is the least accurate method of enlarging an image, creating obvious pixilation or edges that break up curves into steps or jagged edges, also called "jaggies."
Bilinear Photo Enlargement Method
Bilinear interpolation reduces pixilation by filtering the surrounding pixels to smooth out jaggies giving the image edges a smoother look. Color values from the four surrounding pixels are sampled and filtered to provide the color value for the new pixel added during enlargement. Edge contrast is reduced by averaging neighboring values together.
Bicubic Photo Enlargement Method
Bicubic interpolation analyzes the 16 pixels around each pixel and uses that information for enlargement. The weighted average of the closest 16 pixels is calculated based on distance. This method is common in popular photo and printer driver software, and is found in digital cameras. It produces smoother results but enlargements above 150% quickly degrade in quality.

Nearest Neighbor Method

Bilinear Method

Bicubic Method

Until now, this has been the limit of all commercially available photo software, even software costing several hundred dollars. There are many software packages that have lots of functionality for manipulating images, but when it comes to photo enlargement, the above three methods have not been improved upon for years.

However, Kneson Software has taken digital photo enlargement technology far beyond the methods found in popular photo software products in its Imagener product line. Imagener's various versions produce the following results on this same image:

Imagener Enhanced

Imagener Professional

Imagener Unlimited


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Imagener Unlimited Release Status
Imagener Unlimited is still in development.

Imagener is still in late beta testing. right now. Imagener Unlimited, a picture enlargement technology that was 4 years in development, is radically new technology licensed from a world-class development company and improved upon with our own image processing knowledge. It adds an additional enlargement engine to our other versions of Imagener. The current beta is a clean, working version, but we are still working out some minor out-of-memory errors when images are enlarged to mural or wall size. For this minor reason, we have not released Imagener Unlimited in its final form. We expect to have this work completed in the next few weeks at the latest.

Imagener Unlimited will allow enlargement of digital images to virtually any size without pixelation. Current pre-release customers that have purchased Imagener Unlimited can download and use this beta copy immediately by simply clicking on their original order link and re-installing. All of the enlargement methods will be available to you as before (Kneson, Kneson Progressive, and Kneson Progressive++) and the addition of the Kneson Unlimited enlargement method is the only method in beta. The current beta version of Imagener Unlimited is the Professional version plus the Unlimited enlargement engine. This engine is in beta... The other Kneson enlargement methods are not in beta even though they are in the same program interface.

Upgrade customers do not have access to this beta. If you have purcased an upgrade (see our upgrade page) and would like a copy of this BETA version, please write to us at or call us toll free at 877-291-8583 and leave us a message with your order number OR the exact e-mail address you used when you originally placed your order.

If you experience problems while using this BETA, please email us at

If a particular image is causing problems, please email the image to ( or upload ( the image and email us with information ( i.e. new size, new resolution, etc...) about the enlargement performed.

New versions of this BETA are available every 5-10 days. Again, to obtain the next BETA just download it with the same download link you have been provided and install it over the existing version (do not uninstall the current version).

Imagener Unlimited is an exciting, revolutionary product available no where else in the world. It enlarges images in a completely different way than Imagener Enhanced and Imagener Professional. The underlying technology used to create Imagener Unlimited is a ground-breaking method of image enlargement that took over four years and $2.5 million of technical development to create. Read more about Imagener Unlimited's technical aspects or features.

The good news for those that have not pre-ordered Imagener Unlimited is that there are still a few days left to take advantage of the 85% discounted level for both new orders and upgrades. Click here to upgrade your version of Imagener now.


Don't Forget to Tell Us What You Want!
We still need your input. We are planning the next version of Imagener, and we want your opinion! We have a number of proposed additions that you can vote on at the Kneson Software Forum - simply register and vote!

Proposed features to add to Imagener and current percentages of votes so far are:

  • Batch processing of 1 or more images (via GUI and Command Line) -- 21%
  • Multiple Page Printing (split large images to print on multiple pages) -- 7%
  • Maintaining default in input fields. (can be switched on/off in setup) -- 0%
  • Placing of Result Display via focus rectangle in Preview Display -- 42%
  • Cropping or Result image in Result Display -- 14%
  • Web Gallery/Photobook creation -- 7%
  • Other (write us at -- 9%
NOTE: FOR THE TIME BEING - ALL IMAGENER UPGRADES ARE FREE TO OUR CURRENT CUSTOMERS. So -- let us know what new features you would like to see in the next version. Click here to vote.
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