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Vol. I, Issue 11

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The Difference Between Resizing and Resampling
Upgrading Imagener is Easy
Always Know Currency Exchange Rates
Digital Camera Giveaway
What Our Customer's Are Saying
Turn Your Photos Into Greeting Cards
Imagener Unlimited Release Status
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Knowing the Difference Helps You Achieve Desired Visual Results

Resizing and resampling are different concepts, and important for deciding how to obtain the best possible enlargement results for your project or other enlargement or enhancement purpose.

Resizing changes the output size without changing the number of pixels. The resolution changes, either dropping (lower resolution) if the size is increased, or increasing (greater resolution) if the output size is decreased (pixels are more compressed in smaller images).

Resampling changes the pixel count - the output size may remain the same or change, therefore the resolution may also change or stay the same, depending on the changes you make. Resampling requires interpolation (what Imagener does - discussed in our last newsletter on photo enlargement), whereas no interpolation is involved in resizing as the number of pixels remains constant across the image. Other main differences are:

  • Does not change the number of existing pixels

  • Pulls existing pixels apart to achieve specified size

  • Does not improve the quality or elasticity of the image
  • Adds pixels using various levels algorithmic sophistication

  • Adds pixels for the purpose of enhancement or enlargement

  • Adds quality and elasticity to the image
For example, the image to the right was used as the beginning image to show this distinction. Below, the image to the left is resized 200%. Notice the loss of resolution and quality. The image on the right has had pixels added and the image was interpolated using Kneson Software's Unlimited++ interpolation method. It reveals higher quality and the image becomes more "elastic" for the purpose of enlargement.  
Image Resized
Resampled Image
Image resized to 200 pixels wide
Image enlarged to 200 pixels wide with
Imagener Unlimited

These photo examples are unusually small ... most image enlargement uses start with images much larger with higher resolution. These images are for this discussion as examples only.

Until now, there have been few options to add quality and pixel resolution to images. The interpolation methods in many image software applications have been rather crude (see Kneson Software's web pages on photo enlargement for a detailed discussion of photo enlargement interpolation methods). Commercially available photo software (which often costs several hundred dollars) have lots of functionality for manipulating images, but when it comes to photo enlargement, image interpolation options have not been improved upon for years. Kneson Software has taken digital photo enlargement technology far beyond the methods found in popular photo software products in its Imagener product line. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT PHOTO ENLARGEMENT.

If you have purchased Imagener Enhanced or Professional, you can upgrade easily by simply clicking Buy Now! below.
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Kneson Software has a currency calculator that replaces the Windows calculator and allows you to see currency differences automatically and continuously. It quickly and easily calculates the value of one currency into another. Kneson's Currency Calculator remembers the currencies you want to calculate exchange rates for forever - even after you close the program and restart it. You don't have to wrestle with website currency converters that make you use the mouse and keyboard to select multiple currencies, then forgets your selections after one conversion making you select them all again. Just input amounts of a base currency and a list of other currencies are shown in that amount.

Become Familiar With Old or Other Currencies
Use Currency Calculator to become familiar with other currencies quickly. If you are travelling to countries that you have not previously been to, you can use Currency Calculator for your expense reports or personal accounting without being hampered by slow web-based exchange rate calculators.

Currency Converter interface
Interface example. Not full scale.
Or if you have found that you cannot get a "feel" for how much things cost because you are familiar with an old currency that has been replaced by the Euro, you can use Currency Calculator to improve your cost consciousness. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT CURRENCY CALCULATOR
You can enter your name for the chance to win a Kodak EasyShare CX6330 3.1 Megapixel Digital Camera - rated number one by a major consumer products magazine. Write to us about digital photo enlargement, your photo enlargement needs or about Imagener. CLICK HERE TO ENTER

Here are some of the entries for our digital camera giveaway so far . . .
I have used many well known image processing software [products whose] results were not up to my expectations ... [Imagener] is what I was looking for. Thanks to the developers of this application.
Wow, It just works!! you said it would. Thanks
I have been using Imagener Pro for about 3 months, just upgraded to Unlimited. The product has been a lifesaver and timesaver in enlarging Business Cards for Custom designs on t-shirts. Keep up the good work.
I have used Imagener Pro once, but that one time made me a believer in the product.
The program is great!!!

Send us your thoughts and enter our digital camera giveaway. CLICK HERE TO ENTER

Customize your greetings with a Photo Greeting Card. Shutterfly's folded 5×7 Photo Greeting Cards let you create a card that’s personalized to you! Start with a favorite picture, add a personalized greeting, and choose just the border you want to create a truly individualized invitation, announcement, or other greeting.

Pick your favorite pictures and turn them into Greeting Cards and 4x8 Cards for the holidays. Try Shutterfly!

Imagener Unlimited Getting Closer to Initial Release
Imagener Unlimited is getting closer to initial release. We have many beta customers working with the product now, and we expect Imagener Unlimited to move out of beta and into a release status as early as the end of November. Stay tuned for updates.

Imagener Unlimited is a revolutionary picture enlargement technology that was 4 years in development that has been licensed to Kneson Software. It is radically new technology from a world-class development company and has been algorithmically improved upon with our own image processing knowledge. It adds an additional enlargement engine to our other versions of Imagener.

The current beta that we are shipping to pre-release customers is a solid working version. Kneson Software's development team is busy working on memory issues integrating the licensed technology into the Imagener interface.

Imagener Unlimited will allow enlargement of digital images to virtually any size without pixelation. Current pre-release customers that have purchased Imagener Unlimited can download and use this beta copy immediately by simply clicking on their original order link and re-installing. All of the enlargement methods will be available to you as before (Kneson, Kneson Progressive, and Kneson Progressive++) and the addition of the Kneson Unlimited enlargement method is the only method in beta. The current beta version of Imagener Unlimited is the Professional version plus the Unlimited enlargement engine. This engine is in beta... The other Kneson enlargement methods are not in beta even though they are in the same program interface.

Upgrade customers do not have access to this beta. If you have purcased an upgrade (see our upgrade page) and would like a copy of this BETA version, please write to us at or call us toll free at 877-291-8583 and leave us a message with your order number OR the exact e-mail address you used when you originally placed your order.

Send comments about use of this beta version to If you need us to look at a particular image that has been enlarged with Imagener Unlimited, please email the image to ( or upload ( the image and email us with information ( i.e. new size, new resolution, etc...) about the enlargement performed.

Imagener Unlimited is an exciting, revolutionary product available no where else in the world. It enlarges images in a completely different way than Imagener Enhanced and Imagener Professional. The underlying technology used to create Imagener Unlimited is a ground-breaking method of image enlargement that took over four years and $2.5 million of technical development to create. Read more about Imagener Unlimited's technical aspects or features.

The good news for those that have not pre-ordered Imagener Unlimited is that there are still a few days left to take advantage of the 85% discounted level for both new orders and upgrades. Click here to upgrade your version of Imagener now.
NOTE: FOR THE TIME BEING - ALL IMAGENER UPGRADES ARE FREE TO OUR CURRENT CUSTOMERS. So -- let us know what new features you would like to see in the next version. Click here to vote.
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