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Vol. II, Issue 12

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This month, we would like to explain why Imagener Unlimited is so much different than the other versions of Imagener. As many of you know by now, all photo manipulation software products on the market keep updating and upgrading their functions, but one function has been left out for many years -- that of photo enlargement. Even Photoshop® and Paint Shop Pro® have not upgraded the way they enlarge images in over a decade. They still use what is called "Bicubic Interpolation" -- a method of enlarging digital images that only looks at the 16 pixels around each pixel for enlargement purposes. Kneson Software's Progressive technology found in Imagener Enhanced and Imagener Professional analyzes pixels well removed from each targeted pixel, estimating how colors change based on the overall image. This is a much smarter method of enlarging images. However, Imagener Unlimited employs an entirely different - even smarter process.

Imagener Unlimited is a technology whose core was developed by a 3D gaming company and then acquired outright by Kneson Software. Our developers then took the algorithm and greatly enhanced it with our own techniques -- greatly increasing its efficiency. Imagener Unlimited uses a radically new, three step process:

  1. Imagener Unlimited first analyzes the image complexity - what we would recognize as the difference between say an aerial photograph of the New York City skyline and a grassy field with blue sky. Obviously the grass field image will be much simpler than a complex skyline. This information is stored for use in the next step;

  2. Imagener Unlimited then assigns complexity values to and computes a vector map of each region - then converts the bitmap image into vectors for enlargement;

  3. Finally, Imagener Unlimited performs the enlargement using the enlargement values the user inputs, and then converts the enlarged result back into its original bitmap format.

So, what is a vector? Vector graphics means manipulating a digital image using what are called geometric primitives. These are things like points, lines, curves, and polygons to represent elements of an image.

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Our eyes work with images in bitmaps - images made on the canvas of what we are looking at with each tiny element represented like a realistic painting. However once an image is seen by the human eye, the brain remembers these images as vector images -- simpler lines, points, curves and polygons -- because the brain can manipulate, store and remember this type of image much easier than trying to remember the intricate detail of a full bitmapped image.

Don't believe it? Try this experiment: Think of the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen. Does your memory of that image look anywhere close to what that actual image looked like? Of course not -- our brains cannot (and will not) remember imagery in nearly that much detail. That is why we never get tired of seeing beautiful sunsets, or any beautiful imagery for that matter. Once seen, the perfection of that image is gone once we look away. This explains why we can recognize simple drawings like cartoons with just outlines because they are close to what our brain remembers. You may also notice that you can take remembered images and twist and manipulate them in ways that nature would never intend - which is often what happens in our dreams. Geometric shapes are easier to manipulate.

This is basically how Imagener Unlimited can enlarge an image to a virtually unlimited size -- once an image has been converted into vectors, it can be stretched as far as the computer holding it has memory. However, there is one major difference. Unlike our minds, Imagener Unlimited does not simplify the image in any way to do this, it changes the entire image made up of pixels into its vector equivalent before enlargement maintaining the full spectrum of the images quality.

Representation of a test vector map over part of an image.
Imagener Unlimited does all of this behind the scenes in an instant -- the only thing the user might notice is that Imagener Unlimited shows the conversion back into its bitmap format in blocks moving across the screen in rows then downward. It can be tricky to recognize this -- but if you look closely you will see this conversion. What you are seeing when this happens is the final parts of the third step.

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We've changed our home page! As many of our older customers know, we are constantly building the Photo Software Directory. That is why we have changed the look of the home page to include an application form to apply to be included! Anyone that has or knows of a person or company that has a website related to...

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Here is a new service that we found that we thought might be of interest to our customers. It is a website that allows you to take any digital image and make stickers and other holiday or celebration confetti out of them. This means you can customize any event to be totally personalized such as:

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