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by Kneson Software

Vol. II, Issue 4

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Photo Software That Surpasses Commercial Image Manipulation Packages

As mentioned in our previous photo software newsletters and especially the newsletter on image resolution, images are most commonly referred to as either high resolution or low resolution. High resolution images are those intended to be printed and usually have 300 dots per inch (DPI) or more. Low resolution refers to images created primarily for screen display and usually have 100 DPI or less.

Imagener will give different results depending on the resolution of the beginning image. Many of our customers use the Kneson Unlimited Resample Method for all images, but this can be shortsighted.

The Kneson Unlimited Resample Method is extremely powerful. It puts images through three major processes:

  1. Converts the image from raster to vector format
  2. Performs a sophisticated and intense stretching operation on the vectorized result
  3. Conversion back to raster format

This intense operation is somewhat overwhelming for many smaller and/or lower quality images. Think of it as cutting down a single blade of grass with a chainsaw - the Kneson Unlimited Resample Method is simply too powerful. You may be able to obtain better results using one of the other methods. Further, think of multiple ways to drive home from work. On any given day (for each specific image) there is a better way to get there (other Resample Methods will perform better).

All Resample Methods are sophisticated in the operation they perform, and all represent programmatic superiority to the methods for enlargement in expensive photo software packages like Photoshop® or Paint Shop Pro®. Notice in the partial screenshot above that there are three other Resample Methods, Normal, Bilinear and Bicubic. These three methods are the only methods used in expensive commercial photo software packages.

Also, do not think of the Kneson Progressive++ method as "the next best" in the list. All Resample Methods are algorithmically different and manipulate images in their own unique ways. You will achieve the best results by comparing multiple results for each image.

Problem Solvers

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For all YottaPrint customers -- if you have a wall mural that you have made and you've taken photos of it, please send them to us along with any captions you like. Everyone that sends us useable wall mural photos will either receive:

  • A free upgrade to the next version of YottaPrint, or
  • A version upgrade of Imagener

Kneson Software is in the process of putting together a website showing customer wall mural projects, and your input would be greatly appreciated.

Send your story and pictures to:

Once your submission is received, watch your e-mail for your FREE UPGRADE!

What is YottaPrint?
Yottaprint extends the Imagener technology to one of its most practical applications - printing wall murals or posters from your own printer. YottaPrint allows you to print any image as big as you want and seamlessly assemble the image temporarily or permanently on wall surfaces. Click here to read more.


Once you have enlarged your photos and pictures with Imagener, what is the best way to print them? We suggest using an online service like because they have the best combination of speed, options and results. Shutterfly let's you print in regular formats, or in large formats like 11×14, 16×20 or even as large as 20×30.
You can make your shots picture perfect with this online service, and it is easier than going to the drug store and using a photo kiosk because you can do it all online and it will be delivered to your door. Also, Shutterfly's online service let's you do more than the drug store kiosks like crop, reduce red-eye, and adjust colors from your computer. Click here to get started and get 15 small prints free.
Save your memories on a digital photo mug. These mugs are less than $16 and are dishwasher and microwave safe. Send us any photo and we can put it on a mug so you can keep your memories with you everyday. Click here to get started.
For poster printing up to 60"W x 44"H
--------- or ----------
For wall murals up to 128"W x 96"H
--------- or ----------
For wall murals up to billboard size (no limit)
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Upgrades to your version of Imagener are free. In other words, when we release a new version of Imagener Unlimited, if you are an Imagener Unlimited customer, your investment in Imagener is protected because you can download the new version from the original download link you received when you purchased. Don't lose that e-mail!

NOTE: THERE IS A NEW VERSION OF IMAGENER FOR ALL IMAGENER CUSTOMERS NOW. In this new version, Imagener's license activation will not require you to activate again if you need to re-install. ENHANCED, PROFESSIONAL and especially UNLIMITED have been upgraded.

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