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Vol. II, Issue 5

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How to Achieve the Ultimate, Personalized Wall Interior

Yotta (symbol Y) is the largest and last "SI prefix" (prefix which can be applied to any unit of the International System of Units to give subdivisions and multiples of that unit) to be confirmed. Yotta denotes 1024 or 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000.

We at Kneson Software are excited to offer the only affordable and practical wall mural option that exists anywhere. We developed YottaPrint because we realized that it was a natural extension of the Imagener technology and more importantly that many people want to enlarge an image to display in an interior space but had no way to do so.

A wall mural truly transforms the energy of any living space, and does so very dramatically. Your peripheral vision and the feeling that the room generates is continuously shifted depending (of course) on the image used.

Consider the options. Aside from plain wall coverings like paint or wallpaper, we could only come up with four wall mural choices:

1. Expensive art 2. Posters 3. Artists / wall mural painter 4. Expensive full size murals
Expensive art instead of wall murals?
Posters instead of wall murals?
Wall mural painter? Full size wall mural?

For most of us, these options are either too expensive, too childish or both.

YottaPrint was designed to allow you to wallpaper your walls with ordinary computer printer paper. You construct a YottaPrint wall mural the same way you would install wallpaper, with a few exceptions. There are only two differences between wallpapering and constructing a stunning wall mural from any image you choose:

1. Laser level This would be a good idea even for wallpapering, but you should not attempt to construct a wall mural with YottaPrint without one. A laser level will insure success and speed up the construction process, because whether you know it or not, most walls are not perpendicular (exactly square) with the floor and ceiling. Trying to proceed without a laser level will create a lot of frustration as you move toward the middle of the image during construction.

2. Paper Cutter Constructing a wall mural without a paper cutter is also too much work and will give you a less-than professional result.

Easy Up & Off Spray Adhesive
Additionally, we also strongly recommend a temporary spray adhesive if you want a wall mural that is every bit as professional as a permanent installation but without the permanence (the wall mural can be taken down and even moved).

From this point, you just select the image you want, load it into YottaPrint and begin printing and constructing your own masterpiece.

Load your image and set up printer properties.
Determine Poster or Mural Size - enter either the width or height and the other value will automatically be filled in if the check box is checked. In this example, 96" high was input (floor to ceiling) and the width was automatically calculated by YottaPrint.

Select page numbering and crop mark attributes.


Print! - prints the entire image on sequential pages, or you can print single pages by right mouse clicking over any page in the image and select Print Page.

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For all YottaPrint customers -- if you have a wall mural that you have made and you've taken photos of it, please send them to us along with any captions you like. Everyone that sends us useable wall mural photos will either receive:

  • A free upgrade to the next version of YottaPrint, or
  • A version upgrade of Imagener

Kneson Software is in the process of putting together a website showing customer wall mural projects, and your input would be greatly appreciated.

Send your story and pictures to:

Once your submission is received, watch your e-mail for your FREE UPGRADE!

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