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Vol. II, Issue 8

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Many of you have been asking when we might offer YottaPrint at a lower price for our customers. Well, here it is - for a limited time, we are providing YottaPrint to our customers and their friends for 20% off. Be sure to send this page to your friends (type in their name and e-mail address above).

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Some of our customers have brought it to our attention that Imagener performs functions other than photo enlargement that it does not do. Specifically, Imagener does not crop images - the Result window displays a portion of the entire image.
The Preview window (see image to the right) shows a square box that is meant to indicate the portion of the window that is showing in the Result window. If you place the mouse inside the Result window (below) you will see the cursor change into a "hand" allowing you to move the enlarged image around inside the Result window. Again, the Preview window is showing you an outline of what the Result window is displaying. It is meant to keep you oriented as to the part of the image that is being displayed. This is because some enlargements, especially those that are over 500% of the original image size - such as those performed in Imagener Unlimited, are so big that you need to stay oriented as to what part of the image is being displayed. That is shown in the Result window. Photo Enlargement Preview
Photo Enlargement inside Result Window

To view the entire image, simply save the image using a different file name than the original and open the image up in your favorite image viewer (there are many image viewers - even Internet Explorer is an image viewer).

As far as cropping images, you need other photo software for that functionality. Imagener was built to do only photo enlargement - there are literally hundreds of other picture software that will crop and perform other image manipulation functions. You can see a complete list of photo software at Kneson Software's Photo Software Directory. Click here to browse now.

or How to solve the question of "why doesn't Norton Antivurus clean up my viruses?"

Many people purchase Norton Antivirus and believe they are protected. This article will explain why nothing is further from the truth. Virus writers target the most popular programs; Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Norton Antivirus. Virus programmers write viruses to look like Norton Antivirus messages, fooling you into believing that you are seeing messages from Norton Antivirus. Today, MOST virus and spyware is written to attempt this illusion.

How can I prevent this?
The only way to prevent this from happening to you is to purchase an anti-virus program that is just as good at preventing viruses and spyware from downloading to your computer undetected, but has not been targeted by virus programmers. At Kneson Software, we tested all anti-virus programs on the market today, and we found only one that meets these conditions. It is called PC-CILLIN.

PC-CILLIN actually does even more than protect you from virus programmers trying to fool Norton Antivirus. It allows your computer to run faster than if you had Norton Antivirus installed. It has a smaller "footprint" or amount of memory it requires to run so your computer has more hardware resources to use for what you are working on. At the same time, it has all of the technology to capture and protect you from viruses as Norton Antivirus has, but since it is not a "target" of virus programmers, it will even catch those viruses that Norton Antivirus may not.

Then we went out on the Internet and looked for the lowest price for this anti-virus technology and we found this link - click here for the lowest price we found:


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