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Vol. II, Issue 9

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> Imagener's Granularity Slider Function
> Upgrade Your Copy of Imagener
> Imagener 2.2 Due for Release
> Free Antivirus Software
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There is a slider bar just below the Resample Method drop down box inside the Imagener interface called simply "Granularity." This function is only available in Imagener Unlimited, and should be used with caution. This function increases or decreases the amount of detail that Imagener Unlimited is manipulating at any one time.

Granularity Bar in Imagener Unlimited

Granularity Bar Unavailable in Other Versions
Sliding it upward (to the right) increases the detail that is manipulated for enlargement before the Resize button is pressed, downward (to the left) decreases this detail.

Since Imagener Unlimited needs so much computer memory to operate it is a good idea to not increase the granularity as your computer can quickly run out of memory enlarging complex images. Having said this, if you have a newer computer with a lot of memory (1.5 GB RAM or more), then increasing granularity can give you outstanding results!

We enlarged the image to the right about 200% with the Granularity set as low (to the left) and as high (to the right) as it would go.

Images have been extremely downsized so they load fast.
Photo Enlargement beginning image
Photo enhancement at lower granularity
Enlargement at lowest (to the left) Granularity
Photo enlargement detail
Enlargement at highest (to the right) Granularity
If you look closely, you will notice that the image on the right shows clearer detail. However, we recommend that the slider not be moved more than 80-90% of the maximum. This is because not only can most images can be enlarged just fine at the default setting - but increasing the Granularity can cause an enlargement that is "grainier" than intended, especially if the image is of complex content. Make sure to watch the memory usage as Imagener displays this and take care to cancel the enlargment if memory usage becomes too heavy.

If you have purchased Imagener Enhanced or Professional, you can upgrade easily by simply clicking Buy Now! below.
Please allow up to 40 business hours to verify your current version.

Enhanced to Unlimited

Professional to Unlimited
Enhanced to Professional



We have been working feverishly on an issue with Imagener that has stopped especially Imagener Unlimited users from enlarging images to extreme sizes. The issue involved the limit of the amount of memory in a computer and how large an image could be enlarged. Imagener Unlimited conceivably allows images to be enlarged to an unlimited size, but the enlargements were limited to the amount of memory installed.

Well, our engineers have further resolved this issue by upgrading the Imagener technology to use vastly less memory during the enlargement process. This was no small feat as we have been attempting to accomplish this for a while now and we have finally finished it and we will be making it available for FREE to all customers.

How Do I Get An Upgrade for FREE?
Currently we are working on the last piece of functionality to make it easy for everyone to upgrade. We are still ironing out some issues with the activation.

IMPORTANT. Watch this newsletter. We hope to be able to provide easy upgrade instructions in next months newsletter.


...and Why You Should Consider Changing What You Are Using For Virus Protection

We continue to have customers that seem to have strange things happening to their computers and we have found that most of these events occur because of viruses. Make no mistake: Imagener has no bugs in it - it has been fully tested and does not cause strange behavior. The ONLY cause of strange behavior is either other programs that we do not know about or more commonly viruses, malware, spyware or adware. Most computers have some form of adware or viruses on them.

Viruses in the 1990's were relatively few, but over the years the number and power of viruses is growing exponentially. You should also realize that virus writers try to mimic either what the most common virus protection software will do to try to get rid of it, or mimic what YOU will do to try to delete the virus once it is on your computer. You must be careful and when you contract a virus, it is probably best to get professional help or at least stop using the infected computer, find out the virus name and go to another computer online and read about the virus and how to get rid of it.

We found three sources for free or nearly free antivirus software that you should consider changing to. Remember, just like Internet Explorer for Internet browsers and Microsoft Outlook for e-mail, the most popular virus software is always targeted by virus writers to try to fool. There are better anti-virus products available that are not targeted by virus writers - here are the best 3 that we have found:

  1. PC-CILLIN 2005 WIN MEDIA - PC-CILLIN has been tested to be the most comprehensive, highest rated by independent reviewers, and fastest anti-virus product on the market. Also, we found a place to buy it that will actually pay you. You can buy the product for $21.95 and receive a $25.00 mail-in rebate, making the total price minus $3.05 or $3.05 back to you in profit. Click here to order now.

  2. GRISOFT - Grisoft is one of the most comprehensive and popular free products available. The free version provides sufficient functionality, or the AVG Professional Single Edition provides the maximum anti-virus protection for your home or office computer. Click here to read more about the AVG Professional Single Edition. We also recommend the Grisoft AVG & Kerio - Personal Security Bundle with Antivirus and Firewall - click here to read more.

  3. CLAMWIN - ClamWin is Free Antivirus software product for Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003. It provides a graphical user interface to the Clam AntiVirus engine. ClamWin Free Antivirus uses the GNU General Public License by the Free Software Foundation and is free (as in freedom) software.
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