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Vol. III, Issue 1

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Unlike any other type of wall covering, a wall mural can add a thrill and excitement to a room that is truly astounding -- like nothing else. Wall murals can radically alter an environment by combining the perception of completely different surroundings creating a hyper enriched atmosphere. The energy of the environment is dramatically and dynamically transformed towards the topic of the mural, and some wall murals can alter perception of time and space completely.
A mural is a painting on a wall, ceiling, or other large surface. Murals date back to prehistoric times as far back as paintings on caves. Throughout history murals have been used to create political unrest or communicate particular political messages. Some historical murals were created illegally, but many were commis-sioned by local businesses that wanted to promote their messages or agenda. Murals have been used to focus attention on issues such as drug legalization, racial integration, attempts to erode social taboos, and as a tool of mass-control and propaganda.

Throughout history wall murals were the exclusive domain of artists and painters. Creating a wall mural from a photo was simply not possible until the invention of the camera and printing press, so the ability create a photo wall mural at any price has only been possible for about hundred years. The earliest photo murals were billboards, and the world's first 24 sheet billboard was displayed at the Paris Exposition in 1889. The technique was quickly adopted for advertising, and in 1907 the introduction of the automobile increased highway use and the number of roadside billboards. Murals and billboards created from drawings and photographs have increased ever since.

Until today feasible and affordable techniques to create wall murals in living spaces were limited to various painting methods. For the average person, there has never been an affordable way to create a wall mural from a photograph!

As many of you know, we at Kneson Software have developed the first affordable technology that creates wall murals from any picture. YottaPrint is the first product in history that fuses the abilities of today's home computer with the recent and explosive growth of photo and wide-format printers to allow anyone to construct massive wall murals from their personal photographs. Just think about this ability for a moment. Never before could we so dramatically alter the perception of a room with a photograph. Even the most expensive paintings often do not have the impact and power of a photograph wall mural.

In our test mural construction, we have found this ability to be no less than magic in terms of how much it can transform a room or even an entire home. We constructed wall murals that were floor-to-ceiling portraits of employees' headshots, of favorite vacation spots in the Caribbean that made the room feel like the Caribbean, and our latest particularly exciting project is uses aerial photographs of the California coastline.

The development of YottaPrint represents a significant milestone in photo software development and what can be done with computers and digital images today. YottaPrint uses the Imagener Unlimited enlargement engine to enlarge pictures while maintaining image quality. Previous to the development of Imagener and then YottaPrint, creating a high resolution, high quality wall mural was not possible aside from using costly, large-format photo enlargement hardware and expensive high end plotters to print the result. Anyone can now construct floor-to-ceiling or even larger murals at home.



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