News and Information about Photo Enhancement, Wall Murals, Currency Conversion, Time Management and Computer Crash Recovery
by Kneson Software

Vol. III, Issue 10

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See Brilliant Detail in Family Photos
YottaPrint uses the Imagener technology allowing you to print any image as big as you want to create realistic wall murals.
For poster printing up to 60"W x 44"H
--------- or ----------
For wall murals up to 128"W x 96"H
--------- or ----------
For wall murals up to billboard size (no limit)
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My mother died in 1996. She had a full life, and I have dozens of pictures of her — especially in her later years. But because she was born in 1927, there are precious few photos of her as a child.
This photo (right) was one of the few that I have cherished for many years. It is of my mother when she was 14 years old. It didn't do a whole lot for me as it was so small that I could barely experience the expression on her face, or on the face of my uncle (next to her). One project I have undertaken is to restore such photos and enlarge them to see what I might have missed all these years. As you can see, the photo is extremely small, so it was one of the last that I decided to enlarge. Old Family Photo for Photo Enhancement

I used Imagener Unlimited to enlarge this photo, and used the Resharp function setting the amounts to:

  • Amount: 50
  • Radius: 2
  • Threshold: 2

The resulting picture (below) was astonishing to me. I could see features on my mothers face that showed unique features present in other family members, and now it was suitable for printing and framing. Imagener had resurrected this photo and given it new life!

Photo Enhancement performed with Imagener


When people have the misfortune of experiencing a house fire, what are the first things they try to save? Family photos. This is because these items are the most precious — the most irreplaceable items that any of us probably own.

Restoring old photos with Imagener is nothing short of magic. Photo restoration and repair of family pictures can be priceless - especially when you see detail in old photos that you did not see before with the naked eye.

If you have purchased Imagener Enhanced or Professional, you can upgrade easily by simply clicking Upgrade Now! below.
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Kneson Software has a currency calculator that replaces the Windows calculator and allows you to see currency differences automatically and continuously. It quickly and easily calculates the value of one currency into another. Kneson's Currency Calculator remembers the currencies you want to calculate exchange rates for forever - even after you close the program and restart it. You don't have to wrestle with website currency converters that make you use the mouse and keyboard to select multiple currencies, then forgets your selections after one conversion making you select them all again. Just input amounts of a base currency and a list of other currencies are shown in that amount.

Become Familiar With Old or Other Currencies
Use Currency Calculator to become familiar with other currencies quickly. If you are travelling to countries that you have not previously been to, you can use Currency Calculator for your expense reports or personal accounting without being hampered by slow web-based exchange rate calculators.

Currency Converter interface
Interface example. Not full scale.
Or if you have found that you cannot get a "feel" for how much things cost because you are familiar with an old currency that has been replaced by the Euro, you can use Currency Calculator to improve your cost consciousness. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT CURRENCY CALCULATOR

We thought we would show you some Christmas gift ideas that you can make personal using photos. Many of these you may not have considered. For example:

Blue Border Cards, Set of 12
Sharp and classic, this design features a two-tone blue border and a white grosgrain bow. The 5.75x7.5-inch card is printed on heavy 80lb natural card stock. One sample ribbon is "tied" in each set - simply run the ribbon (included) through pre-cut holes. Includes tape tabs for mounting 3x5 or 4x6 photos. Accommodates horizontal or vertical images. Set of 12. Photos sold separately. Inside Greeting: "Peace, Love, Health, . 50% off - 75 per card!
Memory Book
Personalize baby s Photo Book from cover to cover, creating a simply elegant keepsake that tells your little one s story with your own words and photos. Perfect for displaying in your home or sharing with loved ones. List price $64.99. Easy to create, with drag-and-drop pictures and type-in text boxes Personalize the hardcovers with your own title and photos, and add details to the spine title, year, and more 11 unique baby styles with default backgrounds and layouts, or customize your own or choose from hundreds of additional backgrounds Preserve your photos on archival-quality paper
Desk Organizer
Create a one-of-a-kind keepsake that celebrates a happy moment. Our hardwood Desk Organizer features 3 felt-lined pen holders, and showcases your favorite image on a colorful photo tile. Measures 5 x 5 x 1.
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