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Vol. III, Issue 4

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As we wrote in our photo enlargement and interpolation newsletter (click here) and as we've been writing about for years now, even expensive software like Paint Shop Pro® and Photoshop® still cannot enlarge photos nearly as well as even Imagener Enhanced because they have not improved the part of the program that enlarges images (called an algorithm) for years. Photoshop® and Paint Shop Pro® do many other things extremely well, and they have dozens of functions that the Imagener product line does not have, but when it comes to photo enlargement, nothing compares to Imagener.

Don't believe it? See the image below. It has been reduced in resolution and size for this example, but we used its larger parent image to demonstrate. We are going to isolate the gumball machine and enlarge it in Photoshop and Imagener Unlimited to show you the difference.

Small Version of Original Image

We sliced out a piece of the gumball machine for this demonstration. The image to the right was enlarged using Photoshop® with its bicubic interpolation algorithm. Notice how it fell apart. Bicubic interpolation analyzes the 16 pixels around each individual pixel and uses that information for interpolation of the new pixel values. The weighted average of the closest 16 pixels (a 4x4 matrix) is calculated based on small distances. Using this method, enlargements above 120% to 150% quickly degrade in quality and visual clarity.
All of the enlargement methods in Imagener Unlimited are significantly better than this method because the Imagener enlargement engines are much more intelligent. For example, Imagener Unlimited first analyzes the complexity of the entire photo for enlargement purposes. The image to the right is a graphical depiction of this analysis. Complexity is mapped according to image objects, colors and similarities and differences of large regions together, not just the surrounding 16 pixels of each pixel. This information is stored in memory in preparation for the next stage, vectorization of the image.
Imagener Unlimited then computes what is called a "vector map" down to the single pixel level. In the first stage it has stored all of the information that bicubic interpolation provides, plus three additional arrays of data that describe complexity, color and similarities or differences between regions. Using that information, the vector map is calculated. The image to the right is a visual representation of this vector map - a process that the user does not see as it is performed during the enlargement process across the entire photo before the actual enlargement takes place.
After the Imagener Unlimited converts the image to vector format, enlargement to a virtually unlimited scale is then possible because four levels of image information have been calculated and stored - then vectorized. Once the image is in this format, blowing the image up to huge proportions while maintaining image clarity and integrity is possible. The bicubic method used by Photoshop® and Paint Shop Pro® just pull pixels apart into blocks because the enlargement process has no image information stored in memory and the image is not in a form that allows it to stay intact visually. Finally, Imagener Unlimited converts the enlarged result back to its original format.
Imagener Enhanced and Professional perform the information calculation and storing operations without the vectorization process, and both provide much better visual results than Photoshop® or Paint Shop Pro® possibly can.

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We have just released version 2.2.1 of Imagener and version 1.1.3 of YottaPrint. This minor upgrade makes it easier than ever to activate licenses, and fixes some other minor issues as well. You can get this upgrade by simply clicking on your download link and reinstalling. You should not have to activate again, unless your computer has a lot of other "issues" going on like we wrote about in our Volume II, Issue 10 newsletter article entitled "Can't Activate? Here May Be Why." We recommend reading this article anyway as it may give you some insight into other problems you may be experiencing with your computer. If you cannot activate or need your original download link, send us a request.

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