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Vol. III, Issue 5

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How many of us have looked through scrapbooks of childhood photos? A friend of mine was showing me her childhood photos she had in a scrapbook for years. She was laughing about how funny the smile on her Mother was and how great she thought her Dad looked. She told stories of their trips to the beach and remembered how much she loved the water at such a young age (see below).

I then told her about photo enlargement and demonstrated how a small photo could be enlarged to show more detail in the picture. I enlarged the picture above and moved the enlarged result around in the Imagener Preview window (also see Imagener Preview and Result Windows from our August 2005 newsletter).

I left the room for a minute and when I came back, I noticed that she was staring at the screen crying. With tears streaming down her face she said, "I never really saw this picture before. I never really saw my Dad like this." It struck me then how life enriching photo enlargement can be. This photo had been in her scrapbook for over 30 years. During that time she had looked at the picture with friends and family many times but could not appreciate the content hidden in the image's diminshed size. Now she saw a whole new image and a whole new meaning to the picture.

Enlarged with Imagener Unlimited

Notice the detail in the expression on both of their faces that is not noticeable in the small version. Detail in facial expressions can tell a deeper, more meaningful story as it does in this photo. The girl's face shows a satisfaction that is only revealed in the photo enlargement.
Laptop Lap Desk

Laptop lap desk for comfortable computing when you're away from your desk. Lightweight lap desk is designed for stable, comfortable use of your laptop in airports, lobbies or anytime you're away from your home or office desk. Soft rubberized underside keeps the desk from slipping off of your lap. Dual risers elevate your laptop so your computer's cooling fans work to keep the computer and your lap from getting too warm.

Do You Lose Stuff? Now You Can Find It! Ultra 8 Wireless RF Electronic Locater puts a pager on all elusive things! Upgraded version includes eight RF receiver discs that beep and flash to help you quickly and easily locate a missing object. When an item is lost, press the corresponding button on portable base. Disc flashes and beeps with varied cadence when base gets within 40 feet of item. Base comes with a magnetic mounting bracket that attaches to metal surface.


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Would you like to be able to share all of your great photos without having to send them as attachments? Do you have loved ones that might find it easier to click on a link to view your amazing photos instead of trying to open them from e-mail?

We dug around and found a service from that lets you choose photos and albums you want to share, and the people that you want to see them. Then Shutterfly will send out an email inviting them to view your pictures. They don’t have to join Shutterfly to get the benefits of sharing and they can easily order all the prints they want. Share your experience and special moments with free online Picture Share at Shutterfly.  Share one picture, an album, or your entire collection ó itís easy.

If you have received pictures of loved ones, you can make them into photo calendars. Shutterfly also has photo gifts and personalized note cards that let you use your own images, and finally picture frames for any photo.

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