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Vol. III, Issue 8

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YottaPrint uses the Imagener technology allowing you to print any image as big as you want to create realistic wall murals.
For poster printing up to 60"W x 44"H
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For wall murals up to 128"W x 96"H
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For wall murals up to billboard size (no limit)
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Why More Megapixels Are Not Necessarily Worth the Money

Camera retailers tell us that you need more megapixels so they can sell bigger, more expensive cameras. What's really behind the megapixel rating of a camera and how much is really needed?

A megapixel (MP) is a million pixels, which sounds like a lot until you realize that 3.1 MP is only 2,048 × 1,536 pixels. 6.3 MP would make the same picture 3,072 x 2,048 pixels, which would look very similar when printed out or viewed at 4"×6" or 8"×10": photo enhancement effect image

When printed or viewed normally at the same size, picture B will NOT look better than picture A. An increase in pixels to 6.3 MP does not "double" the picture quality when viewed as a printed photograph or on a computer screen without enlargement or photo enhancement. The human eye cannot tell the difference.

This effect has generated warnings from some photographers acting as "consumer advocates" - professionals watching out for the best interest of consumers. They will warn consumers that more megapixels will not make a difference for most common uses. We at Kneson Software decided to test this theory to the max by taking an ordinary photo taken with a 3.1 megapixel camera and creating a floor-to-ceiling wall mural with it. Our results proved this to be true - higher megapixels are not required for astounding visual results. The photo below is a photo taken in South New Jersey where the vegetation is very lush (The Garden State!)

Photo Enhancement of NJ

Notice the level of detail in the above picture. There are many leaves and imagery of small vegetation. We guessed that this ordinary 4"×6" photo would would fall apart visually when enlarged floor to ceiling. We were wrong! Here is a photo of the wall mural:

Wall Murals Example NJ
The result is astonishing to say the least. This wall mural has altered the feeling in this room immensely. You can see all of the image content almost as if you were actually there. More megapixels are not necessarily needed especially when enlarging with Imagener and YottaPrint.

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Confused about what digital camera is the best? A top consumer magazine ranked cameras in the following categories:

SUBCOMPACT - cameras that weigh 5 to 8 ounces and can fit in a pocket

COMPACT CAMERAS - weigh 7 to 14 ounces

ADVANCED COMPACT CAMERAS - larger and heavier than compacts, with versatile controls and long zoom lenses

SUPER ZOOM MODELS - very long zoom range--10x or greater

Digital Camera confusion image

THE NUMBER ONE CAMERA TO BUY in each of these categories is as follows:
Canon PowerShot A620 Digital Camera
With a 4X optical zoom that spans a useful 35mm-to-140mm (35mm-equivalent) range, the Canon PowerShot A620 keeps up the A95's tradition of packing full manual controls and a solid list of scene modes into an easy-to-use, moderately sized camera that will meet the needs of a broad spectrum of photographers. Given the A620's improved performance, higher-quality movie clips, larger LCD, G-series lens, and high resolution, some PowerShot A95 users may want to upgrade.
Canon Powershot SD500 7.1MP Digital Elph Camera
The Canon PowerShot SD500 has 7.4 total and 7.1 effective megapixels on its large 1/1.8-inch CCD. Besides upgrading the amount of megapixels in this series, Canon redesigns the SD500’s compact outer shell. Retaining a slight 3.37 x 2.24 x 1.04-inch form, the SD500 adds a comfortable rounded edge to its right side. This “Perpetual Curve Design” departs from the sharp 90-degree angles distinguishing earlier Digital ELPHs.
Kodak EasyShare P880 - digital camera
The Kodak EasyShare P880 is a good example of a hybrid camera. Besides, the Kodak P880 has several interesting features. The lens is a Schneider Kreuznach and has a very interesting range from 24 – 140 mm, comparable to 35 mm format. Moreover, Kodak never reports the true focal point, but from the EXIF data we can deduce a lens of 5 – 29.4 mm, thus giving us a multiply factor of virtually 5. With a ring to focus and zoom, it even feels like a professional camera.
Canon PowerShot S2IS digital camera
The Canon S2 IS camera features an impressive optical zoom of 12x combined with an almost indispensable image stabilisation. When used to working with this function, you don't want to do without it anymore. The specifications of the Canon Powershot S2 IS are impressive; 5 Megapixels, 12x zoom with optical image stabilisation, high video clip resolution and the already rather famous DIGIC II processor.
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