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Vol. IV, Issue 1

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     Volume III Issue 2  - How to Make Enlargements Sharper
Before computers and digital photography there was little that could be done when photos were taken slightly out of focus or unclear. With digital photography and within the Imagener product line came "Unsharp masking" a technique used to make photos clearer. This newsletter explains the "Resharp" function in Imagener Professional and Unlimited (we renamed the "Unsharp mask" function to "Resharp" for clarity). This newsletter explains how to use this function and shows by example the benefits of doing so.
Unsharp mask image from photo enhancement newsletter - Feb06
     Volume III Issue 3  - Low Resolution Photos And Images
This newsletter and the March 2005 newsletter explains what image resolution is. The March 2005 newsletter is especially important because it shows how you can find the image resolution values of a digital picture - something many people do not know but that will help greatly as you work with digital images. We define terms like pixels, resolution, and dpi. This newsletter provides a graphical view of an image that looks very high in resolution until it is enlarged. You can then see that just because an image looks like it has a lot of content, many times it does not and will not provide satisfactory enlargement results.
     Volume III Issue 4  - Why Expensive Software Cannot Enlarge Photos
This newsletter explains the intelligence that went into the Imagener Progressive++ and Unlimited enlargement engines that enable these products to enlarge better than expensive photo software can. It gives the details of why Imagener allows a normal photo to be enlarged to huge sizes without falling apart visually. The different processes that the Imagener Unlimited Enlargement engine goes through are explained as well as the philosophy of how it analyzes photos to perform its magic.
     Volume III Issue 5  - The Emotion Of Photo Enlargement
Some of our readers mentioned that this newsletter was one of our best. It explains more reasons why you would even want to enlarge photos. Along with our June 2005 newsletter on enlarging pictures to find a new picture, this newsletter gives an example of how discovering more image content through enlargement can actually be quite an emotional experience, especially for old family photos. In the image to the right, it is difficult to see any emotion on the man's face, but as you will see in this newsletter, there is significant emotion when the photo is enlarged.
     Volume III Issue 8  - The Megapixel Myth?
This newsletter can actually save you some money when you are considering the purchase of a digital camera (or if you may be wondering if you should upgrade). Digital cameras have become amazingly powerful especially lately, but is all this power really necessary? You may find after reading this newsletter that for most common picture-taking applications, a lesser (and cheaper) camera is probably sufficient.

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Of the many printers on the market, we did some research and found one that:

  • prints amazing prints
  • is extremely inexpensive
  • is rated in the top 5% of all desktop image printers by two leading consumer products reporting companies

The three leading manufacturers for photo printers Epson, HP and Canon. Each company makes very good printers and each have their own distinctive features in their products. From our research and testing, we found that overall great performance was found in the Canon Pixma ip4200. This printer was used to take a simple 3 megapixel image to make a wall mural from floor-to-ceiling (see right).

Some of the things to look for are not only the resolution that the printer is capable of reproducing but how well the actual pixels are printed on the page to reproduce the best image. We found this printer gave the sharpest, most accurate prints. Then, we used legal size photo paper and the result was amazing!

WE FOUND THE NEXT VERSION UP of this printer - the iP4300 at Wal-mart for just $98. This was the lowest price we found anywhere. The Canon Pixma iP4300 Inkjet Photo Printer has patented print head technology helps produce beautiful, long-lasting photos with borderless edges, from credit card size up to 8.5" x 11". You can print a 4" x 6" borderless print in about 36 seconds. Other highlights include a 5-color ink system, two-sided printing and a second paper tray.

We actually ran legal paper through it perfectly. We found some 720 dpi legal paper from Epson and found that the colors coming out of YottaPrint were much more vibrant than in our previous projects (news). The completed wall mural is much more striking and realistic than when we used normal - non-photo printer paper.

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YottaPrint Wall Mural Software Control Image
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Professional to Unlimited - NEW RELEASE v1.1.4
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