News and Information about Photo Enlargement, Wall Mural Construction and Other Kneson Products
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Vol. IV, Issue 10

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Unlike most other programs, Imagener works best with more computer resources available (no or few other programs running). This is because large images take a lot of memory to load and much more for enlargement operations. Imagener Unlimited especially can need a lot of memory because it is performing a three steps:

1. Load and
2. Map
Entire Image
3. Vectorize
and Enlarge

The Imagener window segment below is typical, the image we loaded takes 53% TOTAL memory and after operations only 9% of total memory:

Imagener Photo Enlargement Preparation Window
Imagener Photo Enlargement Completion Status

After enlargement, the image is optimized in memory. During enlargement, memory usage numbers can go higher depending on how much memory is in the computer.

The above operation was on a computer that has 4 gigabytes of memory. You can see how the process of enlargement isn't like other computer functions - photo enlargement needs as much memory as possible. We suggest running Imagener by itself for best performance.

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Colorful Images


For some time we have been thinking that people would get a better idea of what YottaPrint is by seeing an animated demonstration. Well, it took some time but it's finally here - click here for our wall murals demonstration.

We here at Kneson Software are primarily software developers that have been working on becoming wall mural artists using YottaPrint over the last three years since YottaPrint was launched. While we are world-class in software programming, we are still learning about wall mural construction. We have discovered a few techniques for constructing wall murals indoors, and we suspect that there are known ways to protect a wall mural with some type of sealer for outside construction, but we have not developed our wall mural artist knowledge that far yet. If anyone reading this has suggestions about how they are using YottaPrint we would be happy to know about them and we could possibly share them with other Kneson newsletter subscribers.

Screenshot of Wall Mural Software Website Yottaprint Showing Wall Mural Movie


For those reading this newsletter we are offering YottaPrint for 20% off.

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