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Vol. VI, Issue 4

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Ever have an image that is 72 or 96 dots per inch resolution you've been told isn't good enough for printing? Would you like to be able to increase the dots per inch (DPI) resolution but keep the photo the exact same size? This article demonstrates how Imagener is one of the few software technologies that can do this. Steps are noted in the below graphic where needed.

Add Resolution to Images Steps Graphic

Step 1. Find Image Resolution

First, if you've just been told the image isn't dense enough or you're not sure how to find the resolution see "Resolution 101" to learn how to find the dots per inch or DPI. All Imagener products display the resolution in the resolution box as soon as you load an image.

Step 2. Record Current Size of Image

Load the image you need to increase the resolution of into Imagener. Click the down arrows next to Width and Height and select pixels. Write down the width and height for the image before doing anything else.

Step 3. Change Enlargement Engine

For this operation you should avoid the Imagener Unlimited enlargement engine -- choose Kneson Progressive++ by clicking the drop down arrow next to Resample Method. Part of this technique involves downsizing the image and Imagener Unlimited should never be used in any step of a downsize operation.

Step 4. Input Desired Resolution

Once you have the width and height written down, simply input the resolution number you want in the resolution box and click Resize.

Step 5. Resize to Original Dimensions

The image will enlarge in the Result window. After it finishes, make sure 'Pixels' are chosen in the drop down box for the Width and Height, then input the original numbers back in for Width and Height. Then click resize again.

Step 6. Save New High Resolution Image

Done. Your new image is the exact same width and height, only now has the resolution you input. Save the image being careful to give it a new name and do not overwrite the original.


Look at the two images below. The top one is 72 DPI and the bottom is 300 DPI after these two operations through Imagener.

72 DPI Sunset photo

300 DPI Sunset image

Try this technique with your images if you just need to increase their resolution without increasing their size.

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