Photo Enlargement Software Helps Homeland Security and State Police Departments Make Communities Safer

Police and homeland security agencies nationwide are using Imagener ( enhancement photo software by Kneson Software ( to enlarge and enhance surveillance photos for better content recognition. Since 9/11, surveillance equipment use is increasing. Imagener maintains surveillance photo integrity to increase identifiable detail helping police catch more criminals and increase community safety.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) January 10, 2005 -- Surveillance images become too grainy to be useful at some level of enlargement and limited technology exists to enhance them effectively. Most photo programs use decades old techniques to increase photo size. Today's evolved object-oriented programming languages like C++ have provided the means to develop more effective photo enhancement capability through more sophisticated photo enlargement. A photo software product called Imagener analyzes photos based on a broader content footprint to increase small or vague photo elements for verifiable identification. Imagener maintains visual quality of images allowing State Police Departments and Homeland Security professionals to identify more content accurately.

"We are seeing an increase in the adoption of Imagener by State Police Departments all over the country," said Don Henderson, President of Kneson Software. "Imagener gives previously unusable surveillance content new life as images of people or license plate characters become recognizable. Customers are reporting the ability to identify license plates and faces of criminals involved in armed robberies that they could not identify before."

"Kneson Software's recent release of version 2.2.0 manages memory three times more efficiently than previous versions," said Jan Knepper, lead developer of the Imagener photo enlargement and YottaPrint ( wall mural software technologies. "We optimized data structures so that variables use the minimum amount of memory possible allowing larger-size surveillance image enlargement without upgrading computer hardware."

Imagener's pioneering Unlimited enlargement engine analyzes image complexity, computes a vector map of each region and converts the regions into vectors then back into their original pixel-based format after enlargement. Imagener resizes images without limit and regardless of complexity. See for additional information about photo enlargement.

About Kneson Software

Kneson Software is a software manufacturing and marketing company with over 15 years experience in perfectly matching identified customer needs with world-class software development. Kneson Software develops all of its products using pure C++, programmed by developers that have used C++ since its earliest days of its existence. All products are functionally and visually fast and highly tested for bulletproof performance. All Kneson Software products install cleanly, uninstall completely, and contain no Adware or Spyware.

Don Henderson, President
Kneson Software

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