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News and Information about Photo Enlargement, Wall Murals, Currency Conversion, Employee Time Tracking

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> Top Six Photo Enlargement Tips

Top Six Photo Enlargement Tips

Photo Enlargement Rules to Get the Best Possible Results

When working with images in Imagener, keep in mind the following six photo enlargement tips and considerations. Forced resolution techniques, awareness of image resolution, avoiding lossy formats, image sharpening and making sure to avoid photo software not meant for photo enlargement will help you get the best final enlargement results.
1. Forcing Resolution
Imagener is one of the few products that has the ability to force resolution into images. This technique should only be used on images that are not at the 240 dots-per-inch (dpi for short) minimum most professional printers require for professional output. Low resolution images are often those images that have been optimized for web pages and are typically 72 dpi or 96 dpi. If you have a photo that you want to enlarge that is between 150 dpi and 300 dpi, forced resolution could work satisfactorily. See our article Forcing Resolution Into Images.”
2. Be aware of Image Resolution
Above all, you should be aware of image resolution, what it is, and why it is useful. We've written a number of articles to get you started, including Image Resolution and “How to Find the Resolution of an Image.”
3. Avoid Lossy Formats
When working with images, you should also stay away from image formats that are known as “lossy.” This means the image is in a file type that was created especially to display well on a monitor. As you probably know by now, many images will not necessarily print out with the same quality the human eye perceives on a computer monitor. An image can look stunning but have a very low “pixel density.” See our article What is the Best File Format for Photo Printing? for more information.
4. Memory Considerations
Many of our customers use our photo software products (Imagener and YottaPrint) on laptop computers. Laptops are fine, but they often cannot accomodate expanding the memory or upgrading the video card (and along with it the video memory). Memory is relatively inexpensive for desktop computers, higher grade video cards are falling in price, and we recommend upgrading both in whatever computer you use for Imagener or Yottaprint. Doing so will not only improve your computer's ability to work with larger images in memory, but will also improve all other computer functions.
5. Sharpening Always Improves Clarity
Imagener can improve every digital image whether enlarging or not. Imagener employs a well-known procedure photographers call "unsharp mask," (see our article “Unsharp Mask Definition”) but it does it in real time with the full size of the image viewable. See our article, How to Make Enlargements Sharper for a visual example of how this procedure improves images even if not enlarged.
6. Avoid Photo Software Not Intended for Enlargement
Popular photo software programs such as Photoshop® and Paint Shop Pro® are designed for photo editing, not photo enlargement. Our articlePhotoshop Photo Enlargement shows in detail the difference between Imagener and Photoshop enlargement results. and “How to Find the Resolution of an Image.”
Read the full post at the Imagener website.

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