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Vol. vii, Issue 5

News and Information about Photo Enlargement, Wall Murals, GPS Mileage Tracking, Employee Time Tracking

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In This Issue
Sharpen iPhone (or any cell phone) Photos

Sharpen iPhone Photos

Use Imagener to Improve Clarity of Any Photo
This advice will make you a better photographer the moment you start using it. However this advice has nothing to do with your camera or cell phone. The Resharp function in Imagener is a powerful tool for sharpening all photos. It has a strange name but is the software version of a sharpening technique photographers have been using for decades to make photos clearer. Inside Imagener it's called "Resharp" but the technique is known as "unsharp mask."
1. Imagener Sharpens Photos
Imagener is the best technology for photo enlargement, but it also is great at sharpening photos whether you enlarge them or not. Imagener is one of the few products that allows a full screen view during the "resharp" or unsharp mask procedure. Imagener also has sliders for changing the unsharp mask values and can show changes automatically with every view setting.
2. iPhone Photo Demonstration
Because of it's backwards name, unsharp mask is often overlooked but will make all photos - yes every single photo - clearer. The two photos below were taken with an iPhone for this demonstration:
Bridge A Bridge B
Notice the clarity of all elements of the picture on the right. Imagener made all aspects of the image much clearer, sharper and more pleasing to the eye using unsharp mask.
3. You Can Sharpen Photos Like This Now
If you own Imagener Professional or Unlimited, you have the ability to become an "instant better photographer" by learning to use the Resharp function right now. Take a moment, pull an image into Imagener and play around with the Resharp controls. You can read our publication - the world's simplest “Unsharp Mask Definition” to help understand the concepts, and see our article “How To Make Enlargements Sharper” for further help.
4. Latest Photo Sharpening Blog
Because we were so pleased with results we've been receiving using iPhone photos, we wrote a blog entry about this technique.
Read “Sharpen Photos” at the EnlargeImageContent blog
Kneson Software is getting closer to releasing MileReg - a gps mileage record logging program that uses a small gps tracking device for gathering data. MileReg is easy to use and makes loggin time, distance, speed and locations traveled easy. Saves you money tax on tax returns or track any vehicle for any purpose.
  • Maps path of previously traveled routes
  • Accumulates mileage for tax savings
  • Record your travels
  • Manage business trip expense
  • Track someone's driving behavior
Tell us you're interested at

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Create Photo Murals with YottaPrint
YottaPrint has the Imagener Unlimited enlargement engine inside of it. YottaPrint prints your own photos as big as you want.
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