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Vol. vii, Issue 7

News and Information about Photo Enlargement, Wall Murals, GPS Mileage Tracking, Time & Attendance Tracking

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In This Issue
Digital Photo Enlargement Printing
Windows 7/Vista Activation
Simple Time & Attendance Tracking
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Digital Photo Enlargement Printing

Read the full article at the EnlargeImageContent blog.

What good is a photo enlargement if you can't print it right? Having sold Imagener and YottaPrint for the past 8 years we've become familiar with several output choices:


Most printing companies require that images be a minimum of 300 DPI or dots-per-inch. Less than this and printing companies simply won't accept your digital photo.

Click here for instructions to find the photo resolution on any Windows PC computer.

Printing companies require this minimal dots-per-inch resolution because if the photo is less than 300 DPI, individual dots will be visible when printed yielding unacceptable results.


There are many online photo printing companies that offer photo enlargement and printing services. These companies also will require that the images sent be at least 300 DPI. Try to find an online photo printing company that has been around a while, or that has a brand name you recognize.

Girl with kitten
Photo Enlargement on billboard

Note: If your photo is less than 300 DPI and you still want to have it enlarged and printed by a professional use the "Forcing Resolution Into Images" technique we wrote about - click here.


To some it may sound silly, but using an overhead projector a digital photo can first be printed at its physical size - the size it is on disk - then placed into an overhead projector to both enlarge it and project it on to a surface for an artist to paint. This isn't really “digital photo enlargement printing” but it is producing the output of an enlargement from a digital source so we included this option.


Photo enlargement printing is out of the question except for those with expensive large format digital printing equipment. It is possible to painstakingly print photo enlargements at home by “carving up” single page pieces of an enlarged photo and printing “panels” to be assembled into the enlarged version. This is the way roadside billboards are assembled.

“Assembling panels together” is more dramatic and seamless than you might imagine. Once individual panels are assembled together, all the human eye can see is the entire image unless you stand very close to the surface. How many times have you driven down a highway and were able to see the individual panels of a billboard?

Our product YottaPrint prints photo enlargements in this way – the way billboards are printed - click here to read more.

Printing photo enlargements either using a company or on your own gives you the advantage of being able to display a photo enlargement that is personal to you. But remember, because you are both enlarging and printing on hard media (such as paper or canvas), make sure you start with the highest resolution image possible.

Read the full article at the EnlargeImageContent blog.

Windows 7 / Vista Activation

Kneson Software is licensed per computer and must be activated. This was necessary as we found instances where our technology was being copied. We just realized a seemingly minor step has been left out of our activation instructions. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and the instructions have been corrected.
License Activation Screenshot
Let us know if you need your license reset by contacting us
If we send you your license - be sure to follow the new activation instructions.

Simple Time & Attendance Tracking

Read our latest entry “Why Biometric Time and Attendance Systems May Not Be For You” at the Taskwatch blog.

Did you know that Kneson Software manufactures the lowest cost time & attendance tracking solution available from any company? The Clock Real Time system can be used for employee attendance, church attendance or school attendance tracking.

Many time and attendance solutions today are either old fashioned punch clock systems or expensive, slow to operate and unreliable biometric attendance systems. In our latest blog entry “Why Biometric Time and Attendance Systems May Not Be For You” we explain all of the

Time and Attendance System Clock Real Time

shortcomings of biometric attendance tracking. You can read more about Clock Real Time here.

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